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Are you looking for a contractor to complete your building or home improvement project? At Wemp & Smith Construction, we have years of experience completing projects in Ontario. Read testimonials from past clients to learn more about our quality workmanship and superior knowledge. When you’re ready to discuss the plans for your home, be sure to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Efficient and practical

Wemp & Smith demonstrated a strong commitment to achieving the project objectives and exceeded our expectations. Your team has great awareness and used efficient and practical action when dealing with various situations on the job. On behalf of my Project Management team, thank you helping us finish this project in a timely manner. We look forward to working with your team on future projects. A well-deserved perfect score.

- Colliers Project Leaders

Timely, cost efficient and professional

Their construction management team had the foresight to identify potential issues and were able to propose practical and cost effective solutions in order to mitigate any potential impact to the construction schedule.

- County of Lennox & Addington

Perfect for Future Projects
I would have no hesitation in either utilizing or recommending Wemp and Smith Construction Limited for future projects.
- Bryan D., P.Eng. Manager of Capital Projects Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board

Happy with Our New Home
We are very happy with our new home and will recommend Wemp and Smith to our friends and colleagues.

- Graeme and Marie L.

Commitment To Quality

I am very pleased to provide this letter of reference for Wemp and Smith Construction Ltd. Wemp and Smith was the general contractor for the construction of the new St. Patrick’s Church Parish Centre in Napanee completed in 2018. The project was competitively bid and we found that their bid fit well within our expected construction cost estimate. Change orders were kept to the barest minimum and were required only as necessary.
Throughout the course of construction, Wemp and Smith employees displayed a high level of professionalism, experience, dedication and commitment to quality. The company was excellent in developing a teamwork oriented atmosphere and worked well with the architect, their consultants and the local project team to ensure that the finished project met and exceeded everyone’s respective expectations.
Throughout pre-construction meetings, weekly job site meetings, and day-to-day operations of running the job , Wemp and Smith provided clear and direct supervision, prompt and effective written responses to our requests for information, timely and complete information relating to change order requests, with a pleasant attitude and all the while stressing safety requirements for all of the various trades working at the site.
In particular I was very pleased with the care and sensitivity that Wemp and Smith displayed in blending the new parish centre with the existing 175 year old church structure. The project involved attaching the new centre to the existing church requiring very specific and careful attention to construction so as not to damage the existing structure. We couldn’t have been more pleased.
Their on site staff was conscientious and paid attention to detailing. The result was that their quality of workmanship was excellent.
The project was completed on time and within budget.
I highly recommend Wemp and Smith Construction as a General Contractor and am confident that the company would be an excellent member of any development team and that you will be very satisfied with the quality of their work.

John Immersol, St. Patrick's Church

Professional, Competent & Flexible
My wife and I are a retired couple who had lived in the same residential house for 30 years and were looking to retire to Amherst Island to be with our family and friends of many years. While we were happy with our former house we were looking for something that mixed the accommodation level to what we had been accustomed to that of cottage life, which included water front property which we had purchased previously. We also were looking for and experienced contractor to spearhead our requirements from start to finish.

Luckily, we found that exact recipe with Wemp and Smith. From the very first meeting to the closure of construction and finally occupancy, they were professional, competent, flexible and available. The end result is stunning and exactly meets the ideals we had in mind. There was not one single moment during the construction process that created any concern for either my wife or myself.

All of the staff of Wemp and Smith were professional, amiable and ensured that we were satisfied with the work they were doing. In addition, the sub-contractors praised the company while we were picking out supplies and further, were also very conscientious in the work they performed.

We would recommend both Mr. Dowling and Mr. Wemp, aka Wemp and Smith, to any and all who considered pursuing building of any kind. It was a very positive experience for my wife and myself. To all, a big thanks.


Worked with Us to Build Our Dream Home
To those who had a hand in building our dream home,

We would like to thank you for making this process such an enjoyable and positive one! Every single one of you were honest, thoughtful, approachable, wise and accommodating. We cannot begin to say enough good things about this process! Building a new home was a huge learning curve for us and you folks did a fantastic job of guiding us through the maze of paperwork, permits, choices and the occasional hiccup. The forethought shown by Derek and Donny, the leads on site and all of the sub-contractors was so appreciated! You all asked the questions we were thinking before we had a chance to ask them! You made accommodations for us to include features from the original cottage and you worked WITH us to ensure that all of the visions we had in our heads, actually come to fruition! It wasn’t always smooth sailing. There were a few hiccups when things didn’t go exactly as planned for one reason or another. But in those few instances, everyone was approachable, patient and thoughtful and solutions or resolutions were found! We have heard some horror stories about owner/building contractor relationships. We can honestly say that we feel so fortunate to have suck a remarkably positive experience with you folks at Wemp & Smith and the sub-contracted groups you brought to our site.

Thank you for helping us to make our dream home a reality! We will absolutely recommend to anyone considering a custom build, to hire you folks for the job!! We wish you – all of you – the very best in the future. 


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